Tendering agency

Management methods of bidding and bidding
1. Purpose:
In order to maximize the interests of the company and investors, many bidders compete according to the same conditions by issuing the requirements and requirements of the bidding projects in advance, so as to ensure the best quality and cost of the bidding projects.
Two. The scope of application:
In the company's operation activities, the selection of cooperation units such as planning, design, construction and supervision and the purchase of important equipment, bulk raw materials and other contracts must be carried out for bidding when the contract amount exceeds fifty thousand yuan or above.
Three. Related documents
"Measures for the management of economic contracts" "measures for the management of procurement"
Four, the principle of implementation
1. All the established bidding projects must be carried out in strict accordance with the present Measures and truly reflect the market competition principle of "open, fair and just".
2, the company's leaders and employees can recommend tendering units within a specified time limit. All recommended units must be pre qualified, and the units without prequalification do not have the qualification of bidding. Once the tender units are determined, they shall not be changed.
3, we must strictly abide by the principle of confidentiality. All information related to bidding is confidential. We must be aware of the least people and strengthen control and supervision to those who know.
Five. Responsibilities
1. The bidding leadership group, as the organizer of the bidding activities, is responsible for organizing and coordinating the bidding process.
2. The bidding leadership team, as a decision support agency for the bidding activities, is responsible for supervising the implementation of the bidding procedures and the decision to control the key links.
3, each professional team, as a professional participant in the bidding activities, puts forward detailed requirements for the bidding project.
4. The various professional groups are responsible for the evaluation of the tender, and put forward professional opinions on the selection of the bid winning units.